Medical Mission to Vietnam


Medical Mission To Viet Nam

On December 9, ​​​ICI team (Dr. Hoai-An Truong and UMES students) departed for the first ICI Public Health & Medical Mission to Kinh 7 Charity Clinic in Kien Giang, Vietnam, followed by Visit to University of Hai Phong School of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as Cultural Experience. The Medical Mission was from December 9 to 20, 2017. 

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Kinh 7 Charity Clinic Renovation Project in Kien Giang, VN

ICI is supporting collaborative efforts of the Kinh 7 Charity Clinic, which locates in Kien Giang Province, South of Vietnam), to rebuild its basic infrastructure and establish sustainable community health education program for the clinic.

The pilot project’s objective is to rebuild the heavily deteriorated and collapsing kitchen facility which is used by interfaith volunteer groups to provide free meals to 250 – 350 in-patients daily. In addition, the Project will add one upper level to the new facility that will accommodates short-term stay of incoming volunteer healthcare professionals to support new community-health initiatives that serving the increasing needs and number of poor patients in the local and surrounding areas.

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Fresh Water Projects in Vietnam

There are many communities locates in rural regions of Central Highland (Tay Nguyen), Vietnam. Each community population is around 10,000 people who mostly are  Ede, Muong, J'Rai ethnic minority among a few of others. These local people are very poor farmers who make their seasonal living from coffee and rice crops, mostly by selling their manual labor. 

The IA Tiem community desperately needs a source of fresh water for drinking, especially during drought seasons, because almost natural sources from small streams in the region are either dried out or contaminated with pesticides as a result of obsolete farming practices.

ICI and partner ECCDA have joined forced together and bring a 4,000-liter-per-day filtration system to help alleviate some stress on those poor communities' standard of living. All purified water from the system meets and exceeds all the required health standards for direct consumption.​​

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