About Us


Our Mission

 To improve the quality of life for underserved communities around the world through supporting their charity and development projects by engaging services of volunteers, professionals, and students in collaborative work with our partnering organizations.​ 


Our Vision

 Be one of the best global community service organizations that make sustainable impacts​ 


Our Core Values

Compassion – Care and concern for health and humanitarian causes through supporting self-identified and assessed needs from the local communities​

Collaboration – Collective efforts through expertise and resources for positive impacts and sustainable outcomes
Communities – Diverse group beyond borders coming together for a common purpose to benefit the underserved populations 

Our Approach

          ICI and its partners support in-need communities both locally and internationally. We assist the communities to develop their own initiatives, which may involve public health, education, environment, economic development, etc. into feasible projects. The selected communities, ICI, and partner(s) will form a coalition that implement those developed projects for lasting impacts and sustainable outcomes to the beneficiary populations.

          With compassion assistance, collaborative mindset, and collective resources, we envision that any community can be developed and enabled to grow toward self-sustaining. ICI wants to be the organization that brings passionate people together to make our world a better place - one community at a time!