"Outdated social views, lack of awareness and poor infrastructure create an even more difficult life for people with disabilities in Vietnam."- Michael Tatarski, www.asialifemagazine.com

          Below are embroidery paintings (tranh thêu) from deaf-mute, handicapped children at Khuyet Tat Tinh Thuong School at xã Mỹ Lâm, huyện Hòn Đất, Kiên Giang Province, Viet Nam. If you have a chance to visit the school and meet those young people with disabilities who are working on their crafts, they are engaging, enthusiastic and so happy to be doing what they do. 

         Everything you buy supports a great cause!!!* providing the school operational cost to continue teach and take care of their students.​ 

          We just help to promote this program. If you would like to buy their products, please contact the school directly.

Khuyet Tat Tinh Thuong School 

Address:  551A, Xã Mỹ Lâm, Huyện Hòn Đất, Kiên Giang Province

Phone: 077 3890204  

Email:  tkttinhthuong@gmail.com